Mr. Chompers

Meet Mr. Chompers our mascot over here at the Children’s Dentistry of Westerly & Wakefield!

First Dental Visit? Check out these books!

Here is a great list of books to read before your child’s first dental visit! Mercer Myer – Just Going to the Dentist Anne Civardi – Going to the Dentist Marc Brown – Arthur’s Tooth Alan Durant – A Tooth Story PK Hallinan – My Dentist, My Friend Robert Munsch – Andrew’s Loose Tooth Paulette […]

Which O.J. Should You Buy?

What OJ should I buy? All juices, including orange juice, should be limited to 6-8 oz per day as they contain high levels of sugar and can be quite acidic. Diluting juices with water can diminish these effects; however, a recent study found that drinking calcium fortified orange juice instead of orange juice not fortified […]